Thame Angling Club Health and Safety Policy

Whilst every care has been taken in preparing this document Thame Angling Club is a voluntary organization and takes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of individuals

Policy Statement
Thame Angling Club is committed to ensuring that it will do all that is reasonably to prevent injury and damage to property. We will have due regard for protecting all other people who come into contact with the Club’s activities.
When dealing with health and safety issues officials, members, and volunteers carrying out activities will have a clear understanding of the need to operate within the context of this policy and arrangements.
Officials, members and volunteers involved in events or work parties will take all reasonable steps to safeguard all those taking part in activities and those who may be affected by them.
Thame Angling Club will co-operate with other organizations (landowners etc.) to ensure risks are properly controlled

Health and Safety Arrangements
Duty of Care
Thame Angling Club requires that all people involved in organizing activities, work parties and day to day management take reasonable care towards others when undertaking any activity that gives rise to a risk or risks.

Risk Assessment
Thame Angling Club will ensure that suitable risk assessments are carried out and the results of the assessments are implemented. The aim of Risk Assessment is to avoid harm and to promote the health, safety and welfare of all involved or who may be affected by an activity (work or leisure). As members of Thame Angling Club, administrators and event organizers have not only a moral responsibility but also a duty of care to others in ensuring that club activities and any organized events are as safe as reasonably possible. Risk assessments will be carried out with a view of minimizing significant risk. As well as reducing the likelihood of accidents happening; in the event of an accident it will also reduce the chance of serious injury or ill health

Risk Assessment procedures require the Assessors to consider
Hazards – anything that has potential to cause harm.
Who could be affected
Measures already in place – to avoid possible harm
Risk – the likelihood that something could happen on a scale of ‘high’, ‘medium’, ‘low’
Further actions – what more can be reasonably done to reduce the likelihood of an accident happening.

The Risk Assessment document will highlight key actions and will be also available for inspection by all club members. Where appropriate, such as an event with specific risks, the assessment will be provided to all participating so that they know and understand what is expected of them.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Person in charge (Chairman)

  • Ensuring this policy is adhered to
  • Ensure Risk Assessments have been carried out
  • Brief other officials/participants on all matters relating to organizational activities especially risk management and allocation of equipment and resources

Officials & Organizers
Club officials, administrators and/or organizers (persons in charge of an activity or events) are primarily responsible for ensuring safety is properly managed. He/she has the responsibility to undertake all measures available to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all persons taking part in an activity/event and those who could be affected by the event. The success of an activity/event depends on effective management. The event organizer must ensure that there is effective:

  • Planning
  • Delegation
  • Resources allocation(people and equipment)
  • Decisions making
  • Clear (and effective) communication

Responsibilities of volunteers

  • Turn up at venue in sufficient time to prepare for the event/activity.
  • Attend briefing (and debriefing)
  • Carry out allocated duties in a professional manner

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