Thame Angling Club Rules

  1. All anglers on fishing club waters must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency (EA) licence at all times. All relevant EA bye laws will be observed on club waters. Club bailiffs and all other members are authorised to check the EA Licence and proof of identity of any angler on fishing club waters. Failure to provide either could lead to expulsion from the club/fishery.
  2. Members of the committee are authorised to act as bailiffs, as are any other person(s) nominated by the club. All these persons must hold a valid permit and EA licence.
  3. By becoming a member of the club OR by buying a day ticket the angler will be bound by the club rules and EA bye laws. Rules may be changed at an AGM or EGM. The rules will be available from the club secretary or on the club website. It is the responsibility of every angler on club waters to ensure that they are aware of the rules and comply with them.
  4. Anglers fishing club waters must not park on any farmer’s property unless permission has been obtained by the club beforehand
  5. No litter is to be left lying about and all gates should be closed
  6. Night fishing is not permitted on club waters