Hi everyone,

The river fished hard today for our latest open. There were 25 of us taking part. A very good turnout and I’d like to thank all who attended. The level has been rising and falling too steeply without a gradual rise or descent with a settled level for more than a day. The fish don’t like it!

Anyway here’s the scores on the doors down to half way.

1st place Joe Gleed on peg 48a. Joe had 4lb 12oz of mainly Dace, Roach and small Perch. Well done Joe a good days fishing.
2nd place Dave Head on peg 62, with 4lb 6oz.
3rd Lester Backshall peg 52 3lb 9oz. I owe Lester his £25.
4th Geoff Mace peg 65 3lb exactly. Just missed out on payout. Unlucky Geoff.
5th place Jeff Bond. peg 40 2lb 7oz. Jeff had worked hard for a net of smaller Dace and Roach. With some small Perch.
6th Dave Wollington on peg 34. 2lb 6oz.
7th Lucky Ian Horrocks on peg 50 with 2lb 4oz, Ian skanked the largest individual fish of the day a lucky cast into nowhere for a 1lb 1/2 Perch.
8th place Richard Martin peg 47 with 2lb 3 oz 8dr.
9th place Ted Budd peg 54 with 2lb 3oz
10th Richard Cantwell peg 61 1lb 13oz
11th Dave Lyne peg 42 1lb 12oz 8dr
12th place Tony Clemson peg 35 1lb 12oz.

A tough match for all of us, but interestingly the top 3 weights came from swims I had cleared weed from on Thursday, perhaps encouraging fish into staying where food had been stirred up.

Looks easy doesn’t it, come and join us on the next match because all it takes is one 4lb Chub and some bits and you’ve won!

All the best for now. Regards Dave