Teams of 4 Match results 3/10/21

Good evening everyone. I have the results of the Teams of Four below which was fortunately able to be fished on Sunday morning following Saturdays’ torrential downpours of rain. Although the river was rising as we fished, it still stayed surprisingly low during the match. It is today however spilling out into the fields. Usual thing for October now it seems. So I will begin firstly with a massive thanks to Thame Football Club and their two lovely Ladies for serving up lots of bacon rolls, teas and coffees for the draw at 8. The perfect start to the day really. Following the chaos of 40 odd anglers rushing off to their chosen swims the match then started at 10am. By 3pm when the match finished the river at Thame had risen and coloured up badly, stopping the fish feeding and making the last two hours very difficult. Therefore affecting the anglers overall catches and was to be expected really in the conditions. Anyway below makes for interesting info for us all.

The overall individual winner was Kevin Smith with 7lb 4oz of mainly Roach. One of which went a pound plus. Kev was fishing for Cuddesdon A on the day in section D at Wheatley.

2nd place individual was Alan Gee with 5lb 9oz also mainly Roach. Alan fishing for Ace Tackle and Bait was at Thame section B permanent peg No. 52.

3rd place went to Heath Semmens. Heath in section C at Wheatley and landed 5lb 8oz. Worm and Caster specialist Heath came out of river retirement to grace us with his presence. Once a good river angler always a good river angler!

Now on to the Team results.

In 1st place on 13 points with 15lb 11oz in weight was Tims team. Consisting of captain Tim Eele in section A. Anthony Aspell in section B, Heath Semmens in section C and Chris Plumb in section D. 

2nd and also on 13 points but with less weight at 14lb 4oz came Ace Tackle and Bait.

3rd place on 17 points was the ever present Cuddesdon Mill A team.

4th and also ever present was Nick Newitts Renegades on 21 points

Joint 5th place with 28 points came team Meko, Sheep Dippers and Kevs Team.

New Club were in 8th place with 29 points.

Joint 9th with 31 points were Cuddesdon Mill B and Ians’ team without Ian.

11th place came Tring Black scoring 33 points,

Last but definitely not least in 12th position was Rus and his Chinnor A side. Russell and his son Matt have been stalwarts helping me prepare swims at Thame all season along with my usual crew for this match, and I must thank all of them for their invaluable support and long may it continue.

All anglers caught with the majority getting between 2 and 3lb of mixed fish, so on a difficult rising river not too bad really.

     After the match this time for the presentation we headed to Thame snooker club. where we were fed and watered well by Paul and his staff till the cows were ready for home, Thanks for your hospitality Paul. Also I must take this opportunity to thank Ian Horrocks and Nick Newitt for sorting out the results side of things and to Tony Gee and his band of helpers for sorting out the swims in sections C and D. 

            Tony holds his Teams of Three at Wheatley this coming Sunday so if anyone has a team I suggest you enter it quickly now.

   Our next Open match is on Sunday 17th October. Usual thing, book in with me 01844 761185 Eves, or email. Draw at the Church at 7.30 fish 8.30 till 1.30. Entry is £3 peg fee £7 optional pools. All anglers of any age are welcome to book in, you don’t have to be a member. Remember our waters are closed on match days.

Also keep a look out for the next match date sheets on all our entrances as they will be updated soon taking us up to the closed season.

            Tight lines everyone and take care, tight lines Dave.

Open match results 12/09/21

Good afternoon everyone, we had our latest match today on the river using 12 swims in three fields. Esso, Paddock and Laundry. I know!

Anyway, it fished ok for most of our anglers, with a bit of Pike and Crayfish trouble for most. That’s the first time this season I’ve had to report Pike as an issue. The Reggies are always there it’s just they seemed to be in everyone’s way as well. The river dropped 5 inches or so during the match as well. So without further ado here’s the top ten scores on the doors.

1st place on peg 33 with 5lb 14oz goes to the very capable Charlie Green. Charlie had some nice Perch and Roach with a 4lb Pike. not included

2nd position came Nick Newitt from peg 45, catching 5lb 2oz of Perch, Chub and Roach and Dace. Just as capable as Charles of course. Bit of Pike trouble for Nick and a lost Chubney.

3rd place from 44 came Dave Lyne with 5lb 1oz…. Now Dave had again a mixture of Perch, Roach and Dace, and lost a Chubney and dropped a few Dace for good measure. Caught lots of massive Gudgeon though.

4th position went to Danny Edwards on peg 34 with 3lb1oz. Not sure what Dan had but nice back up weight.

5th came Martin Wiggins on peg 42. Wiggy had a lot of small mixed fish for 2lb 13oz. Busy days fishing.

6th place Tim Eele in 38A had 2lb 9oz, again mainly small mixed fish. Tim had a Skimmer amongst his catch, something 6 of us caught in the Laundry field actually. The Bream are breeding somewhere in the river as these fish are 2 – 3oz. Too small for stocked fish put in a few years ago, so it’s all good for the future it seems.

7th place came Gareth on peg 30. The in form swim produced 2lb 4oz for him today. Gareth couldn’t find the Roach, but he had some Perch and Chub instead.

8th position came Richard Burrell in 37A with 1lb 13oz. Again Richards’ catch was mainly small stuff.

9th was Ian Blyth on peg 42. Ian was troubled with a lot of streamer weed in his swim so I apologise to him for that, but he battled out 1lb 10oz, fair play mate.

10th today went to Lester Backshall on peg 32 with 1lb 8oz. Not sure what Les had but he’s no mug so if Lester caught that weight, that’s all the swim was worth today. 

The others not mentioned above all caught well over 1lb so well done to them and thankyou all for attending.

Our next match is the very important Thame Teams of Four on Sunday 3rd October. The River Thame stretch is closed as usual on that day.

Then the next match you may be interested in is the Wheatley teams of Three on Sunday October 10th. This is run on the Wheatley stretch of the Thame by Tony Gee and our angling collogues at Oxford Waltonians Fishing Club. If your interested in entering a team, please ring Tony at his tackle shop Ace Tackle and Bait in Kiddlington 01865 372066.

Our next open at Thame is on Sunday October 17th. Please book in with me 01844 761185 eves only.

Again our stretch of Thame is closed on that date.

    That’s it for now, I’ll be sending out details of the Teams of Four to the captains tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for that and don’t just delete it, I know what your all like….

                      Cheers for now Dave