2021 Xmas match

    Good evening all, we held our Xmas match yesterday, the first Xmas match for a good few years thanks to the usual floods and now Covid of course! There were 19 at the draw where all of us wore our masks…. Boris. With the draw done the anglers all headed off to their swims for the match, we had to use the entire stretch to get the fishable pegs in with social distance between us all….Boris. The river was rushing through on Saturday when Ian and I did the pegging and the boiling swims were left out. Some of them were our best ones too and were OK on Sunday morning but it’s too late to change then. The results weren’t too bad as no-one actually blanked, however the overall catches were down on our last open as it gets harder to pin the fish down in Winter, and even harder to get them to feed if it’s too cold. Without further ado or rule breaking Boris… the top ten are as follows, 1st place Danny Edwards from peg 48 had 7lb 11oz of mainly Roach. Lovely busy match for Danny from one of our best Roach pegs on our stretch.2nd place Martin Wiggins from peg 53 had 6lb 4oz 8dr of again mainly Roach and Chub. Wig lost 2 larger Chub both coming unhooked, one at the net. Another cracking all round angler on a cracking peg though.3rd position went to Martin Chown on his nemesis peg 36. Mart had some Roach and then a Chub on the stick for 6lb 3oz. He really didn’t want that swim but I just new at the draw it had his name on!4th place Tony Sexton with 4lb 10oz from peg 44. Tone had mainly Roach again a nice busy days fishing. Another good angler on a good peg. 5th position came Ian Blyth with 4lb 9oz on peg 55. Ian had a decent Chub in his net with some bits. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Good angler, good peg. Oh by the way Ian had a 6lb 4oz Chub on a likkle caster from our stretch the other day. Biggest Chub I’ve heard of for a long time from our stretch of the Thame. You know the saying who ate all the pies, I reckon it should be who ate all the Reggies!6th place went to Dick Martin from peg 43. Dick had 3lb 12oz of bits.7th place went to Tony Aspel on peg 30, or was it 29? ummm So Tony had a Chub from slightly upstream for 3lb 5oz, ummmm yes….You’d have thought it was Boris in peg 30….8th place Sir Richard Cantwell on peg 41 catching 3lb 3oz, no Chub showing but 2 pike instead. Both don’t count and both went back in a different swim. Fair play Rich.9th position and 10th went to Mick Baston and Ian Horrocks both with 2lb 2oz we had to toss a coin to find which one of them chose the prize first. Mick on 45 and Ian on 38working hard for their catches.     I won’t bore you with any more stats as I know that’s enough, but just to reiterate we all caught which also is unheard of on most Xmas matches I’ve held in the past. Not only was it on, but we all caught !     Again I’d like to thanks all those anglers for attending and Ian and Nick for helping me sort the pegging, the draw and the prizes. It is very much appreciated by all anglers who come and have a day at our matches.      Our next match is the Graham Thompson Memorial pairs match on February 20th 2022. We have a couple of places left for a team, so please let me know if you want to enter one.   That’s me done for this year, I hope you all stay safe and well and get out there and fish over Xmas. Let us know about your catches, peg numbers pics and weight please over the festive holiday.   The club wishes all our members a very merry fishy Christmas and a very Happy fishy new year!           Cheers for now Dave.