River Thame Championship

The annual River Thame Championships took place yesterday on the river at Thame and Wheatley. During the week it looked very likely that the match would have to be rescheduled due to heavy rain on Tuesday. However, after rising quickly, the river dropped and the match was on. It was tricky to peg due to high levels but on Saturday it looked as though it would fish well. But it rained on Saturday night and this seemed to put the fish off feeding and it was hard all round. There were a few half decent weights but anyone with more than a couple of pounds was rewarded with good section points. The full results will be posted soon but congratulations to Cuddesdon Mill A who won the match. Thanks are due to Dave Lyne and the guys from Thame and Geoff Bond and the lads from the Wheatley and the New Club who put a huge effort in to prepare the river for the match and Tony Gee for running the raffle which raised money for both clubs.

Ian Horrocks

Match results 21st July 2019

 Good afternoon everyone, today was our first open of the season on our own stretch. 19 anglers battled it out for 5 hours and the top 11 is as follows.
In 1st place came Roger Smith catching a respectable 4lb 11oz from peg 33. Rog fished a simple maggot feeder and caught some nice Perch and Roach and had a decent Chub too from a very reliable swim.
2nd position went to Kevin the breakfast Dowling on peg 47 with 3lb 12oz. Kev having mainly Roach was pestered by Pike too.
3rd was the very good Martin Chown with 3lb 0oz 8dr from peg 38. Martin had over a hundred fish comprising of Skimmers and Perch and lots of Chublet!
4th place the ever present Bob Saunders always a safe bet, with 2lb 11oz. Bob drew the newish peg 44a and did well.
5th came Tony Sexton on a brand new swim 27a. Tone caught steadily on the whip and had 2lb 6oz 8dr. Good to see the new swim had some fish in Tone.
6th was Julian Rayment on peg 37a with 2lb 4oz. Julian came on a visit from Cuddesdon today and I was glad to see him in the top ten.
7th place Dave Lyne peg 32 with 2lb 3oz. Dave had lots of juvenile Roach, Dace, Perch and Chublet mainly on the whip.
8th position was drawn by four anglers who were all tied on 2lb 2oz and I have listed them in descending down the river swims,
Lester Backshall in the newly cut out peg 24.
Will Drinwater peg 29
Mick Baston peg 34
Keith Nash peg 36.
    Everyone caught but not everyone weighed in. There was a bit of Pike trouble for Tony Aspell in peg 42, where he landed a 6lb-er and had a good double on as well but couldn’t quite land her…and Nick Newitt lost a Tench of about 3-4lb at the landing net in peg 26 hooked on half a grain of corn. Not a whole one!!
So there you are the first open done and dusted. I’d like to thank all attending today and to Ian for his invaluable help dealing with the money matters.
     Our next Open is on Sunday August 4th. 7.30am draw fish from 8.30 till 1.30pm. If any anglers would like to attend, please let me know 01844 761185 eves or Ian 07821 400435 reasonable hours please. S
                  Tight Lines for now Dave

Weed cut!

Good afternoon everyone, we will be carrying out weed cutting and tree trimming on the following swims tomorrow evening Thursday 11th July. Peg numbers 48, 48a and hopefully 47 up to 41. Then Saturday and Sunday morning we will be carrying out maintenance and weed cutting in the pegs upstream of 37a up to 23. Please be ready to move if you have chosen these swims to fish as we require. Better still would be to avoid the swims numbered. The committee appreciate your co-operation whilst we do our best to combat the weed growth. 

Nearly there……

The new season is nearly here and,of course, it’s going to rain for most of the week. However, we do need the water and it might just liven the river up a bit.

Lead as always by Dave Lyne there has has been a lot of work going on down on the river. We have created new sims, cleared up old ones, cut the streamer weed and repaired fences and stiles. Thanks must go to Dave and all the other members who have squeezed in to their wetsuits and chest waders to keep the river in such good condition.

We have also strimmed the bank down on our new stretch of the Thames at Nuneham Courtenay and are looking forward to fishing there and finding out what might be lurking in the depths. Please remember that if you would like to fish there it is essential that you use the booking system which is explained in the sheet that you receive with your permit.

Tight lines – TAC committee

Christmas Chub

Dave Lyne and Ian Horrocks had a few hours on the river on Christmas Eve (Time off for good behaviour?)

Dave was catching small fish fish all morning from various pegs in the Prebendal field and Ian had four chub – three around a pound and a half each and then this one from peg 52.  5lb 30z and in super winter condition.

Dave went back for a couple of hours on Boxing Day and had another one off peg 48.  4lb 3oz.