Confirmed match dates

A quick update for your calendars. Here are some confirmed match dates;

  • Sunday July 9th
  • Sunday August 20th
  • Sunday September 17th

All these matches are 7.30 draw and will be fished 8.30 till 1.30

All anglers are welcome to join us. Please book in with Dave Lynne on 01844 761185 (evenings only) or with Ian Horrocks on 07821 400435. We draw near the Church in Thame down Priest End, at the time shown above.

Tight Lines and roll on the 16th!!!

Thame Angling Club November Open Match

Hi everyone, here’s the results for the November open which quite a few people thought would have to be called off for Angus the storm. 16 anglers fished on a low clear river as usual.

It was beginning to rise from the overnight rain, and will continue to do so until tomorrow morning. We will find it bank high Tuesday if the rain forecast for Monday and Tuesday comes to fruition. Never mind, we need the level to rise and the colour to stay for the Xmas match. We already have 12 anglers booked in for that one, so if you would like to attend please let me or Ian know as soon as pos. The Xmas match is £5 pools with no peg fee. We fish for prizes and run an optional £2 superpool on the day. It is on 18th December. 8am draw. Fish 9 till 2.

So in 1st place was Mathew Clark from peg 36. Mat had 11lb exactly. He had 2 Chub one of which weighed in at 4lb 1oz, with a few Perch. One which went 2lb 10oz. Well fished Mathew and see you on the Xmas match.

2nd place came Russell Clark with 7lb 12oz. Notice the unusual Surname connection. Rus caught mainly Perch, with a few Roach for good measure from peg 54. I would like to win some of my money back from the Clark family soon please!

3rd was steady Nick Newitt. Nick had a nest of Perch backed up with some quality Roach on bread flake in peg 37a. Thanks to Nick for helping peg the River on Saturday afternoon. Not an easy task with Angus looming!

4th place unlucky for some was Ian Horrocks with 4lb 7oz.. My mate sat himself in the wrong place in peg 53. Drew the scales, and then decided to fish the stick in a pole peg for Perch. I wouldn’t have sat there myself.

Joint 5th place with 3lb 1oz 8dr. Pegs 41 and 46 Graham Thompson and Mick Baston respectively.

Roger Smith was 7th with 2lb 15oz. Rog was in peg 34 and had a perch of 2lb 10oz.

Brian Pearson in peg 44a was 8th with 1lb 15oz.

9th Dave Lyne in peg 35 1lb 4oz 8dr. Lots of fish, all too small to move the scales.

10th Rob Morris, peg 55 with 1lb 6oz. Rob was one of our junior’s, and is now a senior. We do however have 18 juniors this season. It is free for an under 16 permit for Thame A.C. and they are always a welcome addition on our matches!

11th was Richard Cantwell. Rich was in peg 56 and had 1lb. He did bump a larger specimen, but didn’t hook it properly.

Can all members please add Thame A.C.’s sheep farmer and friend Jim Wise to their phone. 07713514593. Jim helps us big time with all fallen trees in the river and our general maintenance. Jim has had a sheep drown in Prebendal field which was chased into the river by a dog that had torn the sheep’s throat out. We must stay vigilant for Jim and please ring him if any of his sheep are chased. He will take down any dogs which are out of control! Thanks for your co-operation, and thanks to all who came to the match today.

Tight line and see you soon. Dave

Chub from the River Thame

Here’s a brace winter chub caught from the River Thame on Sunday 17th January just as the river was dropping off after the floods.

Dave Lyne (left) weighed in at 4lb and 3lb, with Ian Horrocks’ (right) landing at 2lb and 4lb 8oz.

Christmas Match Results

The Xmas match was fished on Sunday 19th December with 23 anglers attending what was to be a fairly good day for December. Do bear in mind that the river is normally in the fields or frozen by now so to fish the match at all is a minor miracle and to have so much support was awesome.

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A couple of days on the River Thame

The river was slightly up on normal and had a brown cloudy colour.

I set up a waggler on a peg between the Crendon Road Bridge and the By-pass bridge. Fishing slightly under depth with maggot as bait and a regular feed of loose maggots I started to catch a number of small roach and bleak. After about 40 minutes the float went under and I felt a strong pull on the rod.

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